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Contested Divorces and Legal Separations

More often then not, a divorce or legal separation is not easy. Our office is ready to assist you through this difficult time. We have handled divorces with complex issues like: domestic violence, mental health problems, addiction, marital waste (hiding / spending / destroying assets) and more. Megan has advocated for Dads and for Moms alike. Megan has developed relationships with local agencies like Woman and Children’s Horizons, so she can point you to additional resources to help you through this time.

Friendly Divorces and Legal Separations

Some divorces or legal separations go smoothly, with few hiccups and the parties remain friends. Our office has been able to assist with these matters, guiding one of the parties through their paperwork and going to court with them. If you are looking for some general guidance and a helping hand to get you through the process, Megan will gladly help you through.

Paternity Actions

These are cases in which the parties were not married, but there are custody and placement issues for one or more minor children born to the parties. If you already have been through court once, and already have an order, your case is considered Post Judgment. Megan can assist you in filing an Order to Show Cause to change your custody, placement, or child support orders. She will take care of the paperwork and be with you in court. If you do not have a prior order, Megan can work with you to get the process started.

For assistance in any of these areas, please reach out to our office.

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