Megan McGee Norris

Attorney Megan Norris graduated Cum Laude from Northern Illinois University College of Law in May 2015. She obtained her bachelors from Ripon College, with a major in History and a minor in Business in 2012. Megan has been licensed in Wisconsin since 2016.

Prior to being licensed in WI, she was licensed in IL in 2015 (inactive 2017). Megan loves working with kids and therefore focuses a lot of her time on Juvenile Law. These cases include delinquencies, Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS), Termination of Parental Rights (TPR), and truancy cases. Megan also practices family law, working on custody, placement, support, guardianship, and divorce cases. In addition, Megan can serve as a mediator and facilitate documentation preparation, and assist in conflict resolution in family court cases. Attorney Megan also enjoys taking cases throughout the state of Wisconsin, attempting to assist with the chronic defense attorney shortage in our northern counties.

Megan married Adam Norris, a lifelong Kenosha resident, in 2016. They own a home in Kenosha and have two young children. Megan has a rescue pit bull and a large “horse” puppy. Megan loves working in animal rescue and has done so for about ten years in various roles. She currently serves as a board member for Wish Upon A Rescue, a foster-based animal rescue in the Chicago Area.

While she was serving as a GAL in Racine County, she saw a need for attorneys with a better understanding of Chapter 48 and the vast case law, administrative law, and numerous policies that surround juvenile court. So, she took an active step to further her own understanding of the law and improve the representation she provides to her clients. Megan decided to go back to school and is currently attending Loyola University of Chicago in the Child & Family Law LLM program. In doing so, she hopes to further her understanding of the unique area of “child law” and the intricacies of our Juvenile Court system.

Megan K. Burgess

Megan Burgess is the attorney’s right hand when it comes to managing things around the office. She is part time and works from home (most days). Megan is a lifelong resident of Kenosha/Racine and has two sons who recently graduated high school. Megan answers the phones, runs Attorney Megan’s schedule, and otherwise helps coordinate everything. She has a history of working for the underserved in our communities – both at the ELCA Urban Outreach Center and Racine Vocational Ministries. She is a great addition to the team.

You may note when you call our office – we refer to each other as Paralegal vs. Attorney Megan – we try to keep things informal and easy to remember.