State Public Defender

Attorney Megan is certified by the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s office to accept a variety of cases. If Attorney Norris has been appointed on your file please contact the office asap to schedule a time to meet with attorney Megan via zoom. or 262-455-8260 get you to Paralegal Megan for scheduling.

County Appointed

Kenosha and Racine Counties have attorney Megan Norris on the list for county appointments these are primarily Juvenile cases – but can be other areas. If the Court has appointed attorney Megan to your case contact the office ASAP to schedule an appointment. or 262-455-8260 get you to paralegal Megan for scheduling. Please also contact the clerk to set up your payment arrangements if needed.

Private Hire

Of course, you are free to hire a defense attorney of your own. We take some criminal defense cases – typically associated with a juvenile case. If you wish to have a consultation with Attorney Megan please contact Paralegal Megan for scheduling.