Divorce is one of the most difficult times any person can have to go through. Each case is unique, and we strive to provide individually tailored representation to best suit you and your actual needs. If you want someone to help you with just the paperwork we can do that. If you want someone with you in court – we can do that. If you are escaping a domestic violence situation – we have years of experience helping survivors get to their new and independent lives. We know that sometimes you need a fierce litigator – and Attorney Megan is ready to take on that role. We also know that sometimes you can make it through the process in a way that is as peaceful as possible. Attorney Megan can help you through that as well.

One thing our office prides itself on is honesty. We will be direct, upfront, open, and honest with you. We are not here to muddy the waters with legal jargon – we are here to help you make your future the way you want it to be.


If you are not married to the other parent and have recently separated, paternity may need to be established with the courts. There are several ways to do this and Attorney Megan is ready to assist you with getting custody, placement, and child support orders established.

In Wisconsin, there is no prose form to establish paternity through the court system. Either a private attorney or the child support agency has to do the paperwork. If nobody (bio-mom, bio-dad, child) receives aid from the state, the child support agency will not “step-in” to establish paternity. You need an attorney.

Post Judgment

You’ve been to court before, and now for whatever reason, you need to go back. If it’s a modification of support, a change in legal custody, or a need for a change in placement time- Attorney Megan Norris is able to assist you with the process. The law is always changing, just like the modern family, so allow us to help you establish the future you see for yourself and your children.

Minor Guardianship

These cases are emotional and quite difficult on parties. If you’re a parent someone is saying you are not fit or able to take care of your child. Maybe you need a helping hand while you are in custody, or getting on your feet – or maybe somebody is overstepping and you are wanting to fight the case. If you’re the grandparent, aunt/uncle, friend, or other third party – you are concerned the parents aren’t able to provide adequate care for a child. Megan has successfully represented parties on both sides of the isle and is familiar with the applicable laws in this area.