A child has been alleged to have committed a crime. Attorney Norris has successfully fought waiver (the State trying to treat the child as an adult – and try the case in adult criminal court), and has negotiated positive dispositions for countless clients. If your child has had a petition filed, alleging they are delinquent – give Attorney Norris a call today.


If our child has missed all or part of 5 days of school in any given semester the State may file a truancy petition. Attorney Norris has successfully gotten these petitions dismissed and been able to negotiate Consent Decrees, as well as favorable dispositions for clients. Megan has represented both juveniles and parents in these matters.


If the state has filed a petition alleging you Child is in Need of Protection or Services, you are no doubt dealing with one of the most difficult times in your life. These cases are extremely time sensitive, and require an expert hand to navigate the labyrinth of rules that apply. Attorney Norris has handled dozens of CHIPS cases and is familiar with the department, the workers, and knows how to help parents get their kids back as soon as possible. Attorney Norris has represented parents, grandparents, and children in these matters.


Termination of Parental Rights – there are two basic kinds of TPR, private and county filed. The County may file a TPR if any number of applicable grounds (reasons) exist to terminate a parent’s rights. Attorney Norris has successfully represented parents against the county-filed TPR petition. Our office specializes in juvenile-related matters and as such has spent a considerable amount of time working on TPRs filed by the County. We know the process, the workers, the courtrooms, the juries – and how to make each part of the case work to your advantage.

Private TPRS are typically filed to facilitate a private adoption or private step-parent adoption. Attorney Norris has successfully litigated these matters through jury trial and disposition. TPR is a complex action, involving the need for experts, knowledge of applicable time limits, and a firm grasp of the ever-changing law. As an attorney who is in juvenile court at least 3 days a week (usually 5) Attorney Norris knows how to litigate your case effectively, efficiently, and successfully.